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Walt Disney’s Creative Organization Chart

walt disney flow chart

@Issue (via Josh Spear and Jeff Staple) points to this chart Walt Disney Studios released in 1943, explaining how the company made movies. I love how the entire organization is built around the story rather than chain of command, (though as the chart says, this isn’t about authority). Seems like a much better way to create something great and acknowledges hierarchy often takes a back seat in the creative process, something totally at odds with silo thinking that dominates the studio system today.

As @issue points out, maybe this is a model other businesses should look at. In ideas based economies, we’re making processes, not products. What you really stand for and the way you tell that story is becoming more important to every type of organization. If that story really drives what you do, it makes sense that it’s creation be the central focus of everybody there and you build work flow around it. And if your story isn’t at the core of what you’re doing, you might be doing it wrong…

Big version of the chart here.

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