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Welcome to The Pirate’s Dilemma. This is where I’ll be documenting all I can about the subject matter of my forthcoming book – which deals with the many and varied ways people and organizations are responding to problems (and solutions) presented by piracy, and other unconventional ways to share information.

In the book I address the questions piracy is raising using the history of different music scenes and youth cultures. I do this for two reasons. Youth culture has always been my comfort zone as a writer, which is why I knew a lot of the stories which I apply to the problem of piracy, but most importantly I do this because I think youth cultures act, as William Gibson once put it, as social experiments – places where new ideas can be tried and tested before they are applied to the wider world.

Youth cultures are incubators for great ideas. The kind of ideas I’ll be covering in this blog.

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  1. Bang Says:

    Hey Mason! You’re looking even better after the first chapter!

    Go Pirates!

  2. richard Says:

    Great looking web site!!!!!!!!!

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