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Britney Spears in pink pirate Louis Vuitton flying Hummer shocker!

Britney Pirate

Saw this great story on Counterfeit Chic: AP are reporting that Britney Spears’ record label Zomba (part of Sony BMG in Europe) has been fined 80,000 Euros (around $120,000) because of Britney’s 2005 video “Do Something,” which features Spears and her posse driving a (flying, no less) pink Hummer, which is covered in (gasp!) fake Louis Vuitton Murakami cherry blossom upholstery. Which you see for approximately less than half a second.

MTV Online was also fined for displaying the clip on its website. The court also ordered the video removed from circulation, internet included, with additional fines of 1,000 euros per day until the companies do so. Youtube still has the offending video up for the time being, see what all the fuss is about below. As if the poor girl hadn’t had a rough enough year already.

3 Responses to “Britney Spears in pink pirate Louis Vuitton flying Hummer shocker!”

  1. Jim Mirkalami Says:

    I have been coming to this site a lot lately, so i thought would be proper to leave a note of appreciation here.

    Jim Mirkalami

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  3. Brittny Parfait Says:

    With actions like head shaving, sexy videos, marriage failures or just a new pop song release there is a good deal happening around Britney. You can not help but observe her antics. Of Late many people have become a big fan and can never get too much info or articles about Britney’s life history. The internet age is her chance for large earnings but will it be her ruination with too much reporting and pressure. In fact I reckon that this blog entry and my few lines are part of the identical exposure I commented about.

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