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Aliens get DRM-free Beatles before Earth

Beatles aliens

Great story from Gizmodo:

“You may have heard that at 7pm EST on Feb. 4, NASA plans to blast The Beatles’ song “Across the Universe” into deep space in order to serenade otherworldly beings hundreds, thousands or millions of light years away with our very best pop music. I have several problems with this.

“For starters, NASA: You got the choice of the entire Beatles catalog, and you pick a song only because it contains a relevant metaphor? I mean, have you ever listened to Revolver? … Next on my shitlist: EMI and Apple Corp. WTF???? I’ve been a lifelong fan of your stupid Fab Four, but you’re giving six billion purple globules from the Crab Nebula a shot at digitally retrieving The Beatles before I get one single measly 99-cent download? How is that fair? (Of course, the complete Beatles catalog is already on my iPod, but still!)”

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