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    “My colleague and I from DDB Singapore were fortunate enough to have attended a refreshing and ground-breaking talk by Matt Mason, author of ‘The Pirate’s Dilemma’. It isn’t often that industry professionals walk out of talks on marketing feeling that they have learnt something completely new. Matt’s talk was engaging, dynamic and well, just downright fascinating.”

    - Rachel Connell, Direct Marketing Director, DDB Singapore

    As a writer, consultant and entrepreneur, Matt has long been at the intersection between youth culture and innovation. As a speaker he has addressed everyone from the highest levels of government to C-level executives to pirate radio listeners to classrooms. The Pirate’s Dilemma is a book that crystallizes one of the most pressing economic and cultural problems of our time, and Matt brings the subject to life with fascinating stories, images, music, video, case studies, and just a tiny bit of game theory. He presents a compelling case as to why piracy should be viewed, not only as the co-chair of Disney recently put it, ‘as just another business model’, but as perhaps one of the greatest business models we have.

    Matt Poptech

    New technology coupled with some subversive ideas that emerged from youth culture are re-drawing the boundaries between right and wrong, and the problem of pirates and how to deal with them is proving more than a little confusing for wily start-ups and blue chip companies alike. Matt is able to navigate through the problems and opportunities created by the blurring of these long-established boundaries, enthralling and inspiring audiences, helping them to understand and take advantage of the new conditions the Pirate’s Dilemma is imposing on society.

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