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Day 1

The book had an incredible first day, way better than I’d expected, hitting the #1 spot on Amazon’s rap books list, #2 on the economics/free enterprise list and #4 on the pop culture list. One of the highlights of yesterday was doing the Brian Lehrer show on WNYC, which you can listen to part of here:

You can also win a copy of The Pirate’s Dilemma over at Josh Spear and I wrote an article for Torrent Freak on piracy which you can read here. Spent the rest of the day signing books in stores, by the time I got to Barnes & Noble in Union Square to sign some copies, there was only one left. Thanks to everyone who supported. No more self-indulgent posts about selling books after this one – I promise to get back to the serious business of piracy and related issues first thing tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Day 1”

  1. Odin Says:


    If piracy is good – which even I believe – then you may now tell me where I can download your book from the internet. Please be consequent – share your book with me and with other people – without any printing and without any bookstore around the next corner. Let your actions be like your arguments – practice your confession !


  2. mattmason Says:

    Hello Odin – good point.

    But my point isn’t that all piracy is good, it isn’t. My point is that the way to deal with piracy is to compete with it. I’m pretty certain the ebook or the audiobook will be pirated at some point, but neither are out yet. I am talking to my publishers about ways we can compete with this. More on this subject here: http://thepiratesdilemma.com/changing-the-game-theory/%e2%80%9cwhat-will-you-do-when-someone-pirates-your-book%e2%80%9d

  3. Dart_Adams Says:

    Congratulations, Matt! It’s much deserved.


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