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The Pirate’s Dilemma at The Medici Summit

Here’s the full speech from my keynote last week at The Medici Summit on when and how it’s best to compete with pirates. There were some amazing speakers at this conference, check the Summit website for more videos over the coming months.

3 Responses to “The Pirate’s Dilemma at The Medici Summit”

  1. Damien Hunter Says:

    I was very impressed by your presentation on “The Pirates Dilemma”. You mentioned an e-book copy being made available. When is that going to happen, and where could I find that?

  2. mattmason Says:

    Hey Damien,

    An e-book copy is available now that isn’t free, but the free one will be coming out in May. It was a tough negotiation because I have two separate English language publishers, so we had to find a free solution that worked for everyone. The free book will be available here at my site, but will be copyable and emailable, so with any luck it will soon be a lot of other places online too.

    All the best


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