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Solving The Pirate’s Dilemma


I’m really excited to announce that tomorrow I officially become a member of the team at BitTorrent, where I have accepted a position as Executive Director of Marketing. I’ll be based in San Francisco at the head office, and while leaving New York City and Syrup was hard, I’m incredibly excited about what’s coming next.

When I met BitTorrent’s CEO Eric Klinker earlier this year, and he told me that “solving The Pirate’s Dilemma was his job,” I knew I had to help. It’s been an amazing couple of years at Syrup, I’ve learned a ton and I’m proud to have built a stellar strategy team there that’s helped double the agency’s billings during that time. But the opportunity at BitTorrent was not something I could pass up.

With more than 100 million users worldwide using their ecosystem of software, devices and content, BitTorrent is focused on pushing advanced content delivery technologies forward in a way that makes sense for content creators and consumers alike. After seeing what’s coming next from BitTorrent, I’m super excited about being a part of the effort to take the most efficient and powerful method of sharing digital information on Earth to new heights. I’ll be posting updates on everything we are doing here, on twitter and everywhere else you can find me on the web.

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