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Going Dutch


Lebowski are publishing the book in Holland next month, and to promote sales of physical copies, they are giving away the electronic version. Great to be working with (yet another) publisher who didn’t just want to publish the book, but actually put the ideas from it into practice. You can get your copy of ‘PIRATERIJ’ here.

I’ll be in Amsterdam for the launch in the third week of August – do drop me a line if you’re in the neighborhood!

3 Responses to “Going Dutch”

  1. Frank Meeuwsen Says:

    Hi Matt, this is great news! Being dutch myself I absolutely applaud lebowski for this step. We also publish our own books on Lifehacking for free online. I recently published a guestpost about this on http://bit.ly/3aN9W on how we do this and what it does for authors and publishers. Since last week we host the free dutch translated PDF of Chris Anderson’s Free, free to download!
    Maybe we can arrange something when you are in the Netherlands? Would love to do an interview with you!

  2. Eating Cacti For Breakfast! » Piracy: terrorists or freedom fighters? Says:

    [...] your free copy in Dutch or in [...]

  3. No_limits55 Says:

    It involves rethinking the purpose and usage of our physical and virtual spaces. ,

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