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7 abundantly clear things about abundance

MY speech from Pop!Tech last week has just gone up. I talked about a few other things besides competing with pirates, including virtuous circles, a subject I’m getting really interested in. There were so many great speakers there – two others worth watching are Juan Enriquez’s “10 commandments” talk on the state of the economy, and Benjamin Zander, who was sort of talking about virtuous and vicious circles too, and was just incredible.

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  1. elijah Says:


  2. Gordon Says:

    “Some good experiences will always be scarce.” This is an awesome quote! I’ll be mashing that one up with Hugh MacLeod’s, “The market for something to believe in is infinite.”

  3. Around the Web « 800 CEO Read Blog Says:

    [...] spoke at PopTech last month and you can watch the video online. (Hat tip to Tiny Gigantic.) Matt Mason, author of The Pirate’s Dilemma, also spoke, as did Malcolm Gladwell. And finally, brilliant [...]

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