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3-D Printed Magic Kingdom

3-D printed Disney Castle

Today was a good day. Not only did I find out my apartment is in GTA IV, but I also received a 3-D printed scale model of Cinderella’s Castle. A few weeks back I did a speech at the Disney Imagineering HQ in California, where 3-D printing is used to develop new designs. They made one of these for Bob Iger, one for Steve jobs, and had this one at HQ, which they very kindly sent me as a thank you, after finding out about my obsession with all things 3-D printed. It’s the most detailed thing I’ve seen come out of a prototyping machine yet, this picture doesn’t do justice to the perfect brickwork, spires and columns, nor can you see the corridors that run through the model. It’s pretty nuts. Apparently it took 11 hours to print.

15 Responses to “3-D Printed Magic Kingdom”

  1. Gray Says:

    It’s supposed to be so awesome and all we get to see is a blurry picture? :) How about some close-ups?

  2. mattmason Says:

    I’ll try and get some better ones up, but photography is not one of my strong points!

  3. Dap Says:

    Turn some more lights on and use a flash if you must. The more light spilling onto the object, the more detail. It will also help cut down the blur due to your hands shaking. On a lighter note, that’s a kickass castle.

  4. Ralph Says:

    would love to see the corridors running through it. Also: 11 hours? damn that’s fast for something so complicated.

  5. Nate Says:

    If I had the original image in a raw or tiff format I could bring it out more for you – but in the mean time you can see a color corrected version on my flickr page: http://flickr.com/photos/solizphotography/2455004468/sizes/o/

  6. mattmason Says:

    Thanks Nate!

    I’ll get you some more pics…

  7. John R. Says:

    I run an gypsum based 3D printer for an architectural firm, I’m curious as to the dimensions and composition of the model.

  8. Grant Says:

    FYI, Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has a shop that sells something similar: http://picasaweb.google.com/gswens/DisneyWorldCastleForSale/photo#5195124560247917218
    (Yes, the price tag is $25,000.)
    I like yours better, though.

  9. David Says:

    How big is the castle?

  10. Greg Chin Says:

    Take a photo of the front side of it, too.

  11. AndrewK Says:

    Do you happen to know what printer was used? Thanks!

  12. mattmason Says:

    I think it was a Z-corp… Will update with some more pics today if I can.

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  14. Matmochdre Says:

    Pretty apt that they sent you this considering that this castle is basically a re-mix or pirate copy of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria.

  15. john Says:

    Any idea if the file is available? Would be neat to be able to make our own, for those with access to rapid prototyping equipment…

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