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The Fast Company interview.

The Wired interview.

An interview on Counterpoint, ABC Radio, Australia

Ars Technica says “The Pirate’s Dilemma provides a caffeine hit of history, personal story, and argument on the issues. It’s one of those books whose total effect is greater than the sum of its parts.” May 2008

The New Zealand Herald says “the idea of capitalism reclaimed and remixed, infused with an altruistic bent leading to a more engaged corporate mentality has appeal.” April 2008

A spot I did for Current TV, March 2008

An interview I did with strategy+business magazine, March 2008

“The Pirates have won” says The Canadian National Post, March 2008

An interview I did withThe New York Times on the pirate’s dilemma facing Hasbro and Mattel, March 2008

An op-ed I wrote for Adweek, published Feb 25th 2008.

The Pirate’s Dilemma Matt Mason Bloomberg

I did the In Focus show on Bloomberg TV on Feb 11th, catch the interview here.

The Boston Phoenix calls The Pirate’s Dilemma “a fascinating primer on the intersection of piracy, youth culture, and business.” Jan 2008

An essay on The Pirate’s Dilemma I wrote for TorrentFreak, which has since been republished all over the world, Jan 2008

My piece for TorrentFreak re-published by French newspaper Liberation.fr, Jan 2008

“Become a Pirate, Download Sneakers: Punk Capitalism Takes Root” review by Jamie Pressly for Bloomberg, Jan 2008

Hear Matt on the Brian Lehrer show: (8th Jan 2008)

Poisonous Paragraphs writes: “You will be so engrossed that you really won’t want to put it down.” (Jan 2008)

WIRED reviews The Pirate’s Dilemma:“9 out of 10″ (Jan 2008 Issue)

MSN Finance says “Matt Mason is asking us to steal“. As does The Erie Times News,The Salt Lake Tribune, The Pueblo Chieftain, and 940 Montreal.

BusinessWeek names The Pirate’s Dilemma “Innovation of the Week” December 2007

Fast Company names The Pirate’s Dilemma one of its “Smart Books 2008″

Matt Mason interview by The Business Innovation Factory

Publisher’s Weekly call The Pirate’s Dilemma “Well-written, entertaining and highly original, Mason offers a fascinating view of the revolutionary forces shaping the world as we know it. (Jan. 8)”

The Pirate’s Dilemma on The New York Times/Freakonomics blog, September 2007

Matt Mason on BIF Speak, September 2007

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