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Pali Research analyst: “Music should be free.”

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via Seeking Alpha

Warner Music’s share price has taken a beating after Pali Research analyst Richard Greenfield cut his rating on the stock from sell to neutral. His reasons?

“No matter how many people the RIAA sues, no matter how many times music executives point to the growth of digital music, we believe an increasing majority of worldwide consumers simply view recorded music as free,” he asserted in a research report Thursday morning. “A new model for music consumption must emerge and that model most likely involves DRM-free downloadable music at no cost to consumers, fully supported by advertising.” But as Greenfield notes, “the music industry is not ready to endorse such a move at this point, and even if it was, the economic model transition will be incredibly painful.”

2 Responses to “Pali Research analyst: “Music should be free.””

  1. Cat Laine Says:

    I wonder what his rating is going to be after the crazy legislation the dems are trying to pull in college campuses.

    From buzz out loud:
    “House Democrats propose a bill that would force universities to implement technical barriers to file-sharing or risk losing federal financial aid. Plus, they might be pressured into school-wide subscriptions to services like Napster. ”


  2. ADB Says:

    From Mr Dupri:


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