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One way to take on piracy…


Is to make it personal, but be nice about it. It’s awesome when companies behave like real people, and this message is a good example of how to do it. It might make a few people think twice about taking your product without paying and earn you a new fan or two – I grabbed this from the front page of reddit, which tells you this example has at the very least generated a nice piece of PR for USB Overdrive X. If you sue your fans into the ground they will turn on you, and they will win, or worse, they will walk away. But if you treat them like adults, you never know, they might surprise you.

3 Responses to “One way to take on piracy…”

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  3. DaLe Says:

    I wonder what kind of people/characters work for RIAA and similiar. I mean, are they pure evil, stupid or both? 1 million dollars for 6 songs – do they really believe themselves that so much damage has been done or are they only out to make a profit for the RIAA? Especially since it is likely that these songs were available x-times elsewhere.. Well, at least the companies supporting RIAA aren’t that stupid. After all, if the RIAA sues people, the companies behind the RIAA can claim that they are not going after their customers.

    Someone should send these people a copy of The Pirate’s Dilemma:

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