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Abstract No. 1

Wire Abstract No 1

I just received a copy of ABSTRACT, the micro-magazine of W.I.R.E., a think tank based in Switzerland and London I did an interview for. It’s a really nice magazine, one of the coolest I’ve seen in a while.

This issue is on pirates and there is some fascinating stuff in there, from the metamap showing the evolution of piracy from buccaneers to p2p, to articles on German football pirates. There’s a lot of other cool non-piratey stuff too, including a piece on committing Facebook hari-kiri, something I’ve been thinking about a lot this week in light of recent developments.

Anyway check out W.I.R.E. here, Abstract is a great read, beautifully designed and well worth tracking down.

2 Responses to “Abstract No. 1”

  1. andrej Says:

    would love to see that evolution of piracy metamap, but the abstract is nowhere to be found on the w.i.r.e. page

  2. Sascha Says:

    Is this abstract included in the “mind the future” compendium they released? Can`t find it on their website, too.

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