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Dear Lily…

A creative response to Lily Allen’s somewhat misguided rant against filesharing. If you don’t know about this Mike Masnick’s posts on Techdirt are the place to start.

Something for the weekend

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.

I love everything Blu does and the latest with Dave Ellis is one of his finest pieces yet.

CBS embeds video ad in magazine

This seems counter-intuitive. Print is good for branding stuff, the web is good for selling stuff, right? People hate videos that start playing automatically online. Why make print ads more like the worst of those on the web? Won’t that just drive more people away?

via PSFK.

Lawrence Lessig on the possibility of “i-9/11″

Some chilling thoughts from Lessig on one way the copyright wars might end. Pirates, and to a greater extent, ad-hoc networks of all kinds, are a necessary part of the free market system – they (try to) keep governments and corporations honest. If something like Lessig describes ever happens, the idea of the pirate as freedom-fighter will be widely embraced. An i-9/11 would be devastating for the short term future of not just the internet, but liberty and democracy. On the other hand, this is the battlefield where citizens should want to have this fight, because this is the battlefield where we can win.

Mos Def launches album on t-shirt

Mos Def

Some artists get annoyed when “sell more t-shirts” is presented as a solution to beating pirates, which I can understand because it implies recorded music is worth nothing. But Mos Def has hit upon a way to do it which still gives the music value; the album is the t-shirt.

Def is putting out his latest album The Ecstatic as a shirt. The music tee has the album’s cover art on the front, tracklist on the back and a code for a downloadable version of the album on a tag. The medium (not to mention the S, L, XL and XXL) is the message.

I love this idea. This is a really authentic product that will mean something to fans and values everything the artist does. I’d like to see other things being used as media for digital content. A world where the format you release your work on is as bigger creative choice as the cover art is way more interesting than one where the only choices are CD/download.

More on this over at Paste.

Twitter Graf


via Question Marc

Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl

Street Fighter II Turbo Battle Vinyl

Via Hypebeast

After a long morning reading various accounts of corporate copyright douche-baggery, I needed some cheering up. This did the trick. Not only is this piece of vinyl totally awesome in every possible way, it’s also a great piece of marketing for Street Fighter IV.

Sue your fans, they’ll wage war against you. Give them battle weapons, they’ll go out and fight for you.

I <3 Posterboy

Does User Generated Advertising Start Here?

This video raises so many questions – the first one being is it really user generated? Trader Joe’s is certainly the kind of brand that could inspire such a high form of praise from its customers – their products, the in-store experience, as a regular there I’ve always found everything about the place to be exceptional. But this is still really slick. The whole trying-to-make-it-look-like-it-was-filmed-on-a-Treo-even-though-it-clearly-wasn’t-filmed-on-a-Treo thing could be a giveaway, or not.

The real questions start when you assume it is genuine. What then? This is a clear departure from viral marketing instigated by the company that stands to benefit from it, and the rules are very different. Trader Joe’s, or anyone else for that matter, wouldn’t produce an ad where the narrative was quite so focused on the honestly come-by experience of a single fan. But that is it’s genius. Is there a point in the future when non-user generated ads will no longer be credible? If this catches on, shouting too much about your own company might become socially unacceptable, like creating your own glowing reference on Wikipedia.

We are already at the point where companies are under more pressure than ever to be transparent, create real meaning rather than empty slogans, and genuinely add value to the customers lives with their ad campaigns. Is the next logical step, or perhaps the step after that, the death of the company-generated advert? It sounds ridiculous now of course, but then again so did user generated music distribution.

2008 was about hope. 2009?

Clay Davis

Image by Duncan Robson

I feel like Clay Davis is secretly in charge of the entire bailout fiasco. You too can stimulate the economy by grabbing the t-shirt here.

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