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It’s been a long time…

This blog is all but on permanent hiatus. Between my work at Syrup and my next project, keeping the blog going has not been priority number one, but it was a great four years, and all the content will remain here. To stay updated on the work I follow related to the book, follow me on twitter where I will continue to post everything interesting I find that’s relevant.

As for my next writing project, I don’t want to say too much about it yet, other than it’s a fictional, super-experimental transmedia project. The short documentary below is a clue. More soon…

The City Concealed: Brooklyn Navy Yard from Thirteen.org on Vimeo.

My Big Idea for Good Magazine


Good Magazine asked me to come up with a big idea. I arrived at teleportation. You can watch the video, and see many other Good ideas, here.

The thing I find hardest about writing…

Is ignoring the French Bulldog that lies on her back under my desk, screaming all day.

Guest passes out live on Glenn Beck

This gets better the more you watch it. The only thing more nauseating than constantly hearing about how bad the global economy is doing on cable TV is listening to Glenn Beck pretend he knows what he’s talking about. I would have passed out too. Apparently the guy was okay. Via Howfresheats.

One thing that worries me about being on the corporate lecture circuit…

is that if stay on it too long, I may one day turn into this guy:

We Tell Stories wins Best of Show at SXSW


Last year I was lucky enough to work on an amazing digital writing project for Penguin called We Tell Stories. I’ve just heard that last night at the prestigious SXSW Web Awards, We Tell Stories picked up the award for ‘experimentation’ (‘cutting-edge and trend-setting destinations that are pushing the envelope and challenging our perceptions of the web’) and, astonishingly, the Best of Show award (‘The judges’ favorite finalist website from the competition’) beating competition from Flickr and Hulu amongst others. Woah. Really proud to have been a part of this, and really glad Penguin (and in particular Jeremy Ettinghausen, the brains behind the project) is bravely pushing digital storytelling in new directions. The story I put together (an infographic novel based on Hard Times by Charles Dickens – toughest brief of my life) with ace designer Nicholas Felton is here.

The Element.

Sir Ken Robinson is an amazing guy. I keep nearly meeting him at conferences we’re both at, but never quite do. His new book The Element, which he talks about here at the RSA in London, sounds fantastic. It’s about diversity of human talent, and three arguments run through it:

1. Finding purpose in your work is essential to knowing who you really are.

2. Growth and development is non-linear. Education should not be a mechanistic process.

3. Human talent isn’t lying on the surface, it’s often buried deep inside.

Like Gladwell’s most recent outing, Robinson looks at success within different environments. Looking forward to cracking this.

The T-1000 is here!

Well, almost. This material is called nitinol wire, and according to PSFK it is a type of shape memory alloy that can re-form into a pre-designed shape when exposed to heat.

Old Skool Parkour

The best piece of film I saw all year.

You probably already saw it somewhere, but I must have watched this 100 times at least. It gets better every time.

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