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The case for anonymity online

4chan founder Christopher Poole (aka moot) talks about the rise the internet’s most famous message board and why privacy is important. Would love to see a debate between moot and Zuckerberg.

P.S. – Sorry I haven’t been updating the blog as frequently as I used to. 99% of the things I used to put up here I now just put up on twitter, so you can always follow me there.

4 Responses to “The case for anonymity online”

  1. Cristopher Poole « Run, Motherfucker, run Says:

    [...] Matt Mason « [...]

  2. kay Says:

    i had a really lateral (or parallel) thought about how anonymity fosters intimacy- maybe artificial but you can connect by being anonymous. we should talk about this some time!

  3. mattmason Says:

    Would love to hear it. Looking forward to working with you in future!

  4. Garth Says:

    With the fight for privacy on the internet it always mekes me wonder why people forget about privacy on social network sites and fill in mobile numbers, addresses and even where they are.

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