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A great deal of high quality free content has been spilling onto the Web recently. As of yesterday, The New York Times made all of its archives from 1987 to the present available for free. After keeping it all locked away for the last two years to everyone but subscribers, the gray lady is opening up to the masses. Is it a coincidence this was also the first day The Pirate’s Dilemma was mentioned in the New York Times on the Freakonomics blog? Probably.

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Spiralfrog, the ad-supported free music site supported by Universal Music Group, finally launched Monday after several false starts, with 800,000 songs free to download, not to mention high resolution music videos. The music is DRM protected, it won’t play on Apple devices and you have to log into the site every 30 days, or they disable your account. By all accounts, Spiralfrog is not quite a prince yet, and it won’t put The Pirate Bay out of business anytime soon. But given time, (not to mention iPod compatibility and DRM free music…) it may grow into a great resource.

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OpenOffice 2.3.0 also launched today, with a host of new features and improvements, beefed up security and a ton of new extensions. According to OpenOffice, “It’s a major release and all users should download it.” I’ve been using Open Office for sometime for presentations, it’ a great free alternative to Microsoft Office.

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  1. The Songnumbers Team Says:

    We really liked your blog and this info on the ad-supported model…we believe in it enough to have just pushed out BETA 2 of our site!

    The Songnumbers Team

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