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Back from Pop!Tech


photo by Kris Krug

Last week I was in Camden, Maine for Pop!Tech. Every year a stellar line-up of speakers and performers gathers here to share seafood, inspiration and challenging ideas. Some of the smartest people in the world attended, showcasing world-changing non-profits, initiatives and technologies. It’s kind of like TED, but with better clam chowder.

I was lucky enough to be speaking alongside Clay Shirky and Chris Anderson, both of whom are working on some really interesting new ideas. Chris’ new book FREE sounds fantastic, as indeed was the sneak preview published by Wired earlier this year. The Pop!Tech videos aren’t up yet, but you can see Chris explain the idea in detail here. If you are competing with pirates, you are indeed competing with free, I can’t wait to see Chris’ take on this in full.

Clay Shirky, author of Here Comes Everybody, is one of the smartest people thinking and writing about the changes the internet is ushering in. His new work on cognitive surplus sounds awesome, there’s a new book coming he told me. Following him on stage was not easy.

Other highlights included Malcolm Gladwell (who is a sneaker head! Had a good chat with him about nike iDs), about to drop book number 3, Outliers, which looks incredible, and performances from Imogen Heap, who was amazing. I can’t do any of the people who were there justice, but all the talks should be up on the Pop!tech website soon, many of which I’ll be re-posting here. In the meantime here is Clay on cognitive surplus from earlier this year:

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  1. Ido Says:

    Saw you via the life stream. Great Speech, great conference

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