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China on your desktop.

RepRap from Adrian Bowyer on Vimeo.

CBS embeds video ad in magazine

This seems counter-intuitive. Print is good for branding stuff, the web is good for selling stuff, right? People hate videos that start playing automatically online. Why make print ads more like the worst of those on the web? Won’t that just drive more people away?

via PSFK.

The thing I find hardest about writing…

Is ignoring the French Bulldog that lies on her back under my desk, screaming all day.

To Catch a Pirate

Here’s the piece MSNBC did on the book and two pirate-beating brands who took the message to heart: Rachel Nasvik and Mochi Media.


Lawrence Lessig on the possibility of “i-9/11″

Some chilling thoughts from Lessig on one way the copyright wars might end. Pirates, and to a greater extent, ad-hoc networks of all kinds, are a necessary part of the free market system – they (try to) keep governments and corporations honest. If something like Lessig describes ever happens, the idea of the pirate as freedom-fighter will be widely embraced. An i-9/11 would be devastating for the short term future of not just the internet, but liberty and democracy. On the other hand, this is the battlefield where citizens should want to have this fight, because this is the battlefield where we can win.

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