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Chuck D on Piracy

Thanks Cat!

Cory Doctorow reads Little Brother

Cory Doctorow’s latest book Little Brother has just hit The New York Times best seller list, no small feat for a book that is available online for free. I got the chance to meet Cory a few weeks back in London, sounds like he has a lot of great projects in the works which I’m already looking forward to. In the meantime, check out this reading from his latest – you know you’re doing well when your publishers are putting you up in hotels with bottled oxygen in the minibar. Congrats Cory!

Wale – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E

There are way too many dumb dances in hip hop right now, but this is not one of those. Great track and one of the coolest vids I’ve seen in a while.

Too much touring, not enough blogging…

In the air

Picture by Tukanuk

Been a crazy few weeks on the road promoting the book – hence the neglecting of the blog. The beginning of the month saw the UK launch, spent a hectic ten days in London, but we got some incredible coverage. As well as making The Guide’s front cover, the following weekend The Guardian picked Pirate’s as book of the week. It was also featured in The Independent, thelondonpaper, The Telegraph, Vice, Dazed & Confused, and I was at the BBC doing various radio interviews for what seemed like an entire week. As well some great press, I got the chance to speak at the RSA and the London School of Economics among other places, where I met and was introduced by the incredibly smart Mr Peter Jenner.

After that it was off to Surf Summit 11 in Mexico, by far one of the coolest events I’ve ever attended, check out TransWorld’s coverage here. I gave the closing keynote speech on day one, but more importantly, I learned to surf, and have been checking out real estate in Southern California ever since. Then it was on to Chicago for the Illinois Institute of Tehnology design conference, which was really interesting – met some really cool people including former director of Xerox Parc John Seely Brown. Unfortunately I had to skip Mesh08 in Toronto because of a problem with my green card which meant I had to return to the states to get everything ironed out, which was really frustrating, but thankfully is now sorted.

Over here in the states and around the world the press is still coming in thick and fast. Pirate’s got a great review on ArsTechnica (who were recently bought by Conde Nast, and should be bookmarked immediately if you’re not familiar with them). I was also interviewed by The Toronto Star, La Repubblica in Italy, Folha de S. Paulo in Brazil, and some journalists in other countries too, but it’s all a bit of a blur. So what I’m trying to say is, I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping things moving over here, but I’m back on the ground in NYC and the slackness ends today.

New Wall Paint Animation by Blu

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

My friend Dan just pointed me to this great new short by Blu, who makes animation using street art in Buenos Aires. It’s creepy and delightful all at the same time – the soundtrack is awesome as well. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for all the other artists who had their work buffed to make way for Blu’s characters, but I guess that’s the cost of doing business.

Check out more of Blu’s work here.

Pirates on BBC Radio 5

McLovin’ on Piracy

The Steal Industry

Guardian Guide Cover

The Guardian used a piece I wrote for them on piracy as the front cover for this weekend’s Guide – love the job they did reinterpreting the book’s UK front cover. Had a great week promoting the book in London, check the Guardian piece here.

New Nine Inch Nails Album Released For Free


Trent Reznor has just released the new Nine Inch Nails album for free. Get yourself a copy here.

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