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The Pirate’s Dilemma

Our movie The Pirate’s Dilemma: A Kung Fu Trilogy in Four Acts is almost ready. Hold tight…

Banksy Hits Bethlehem

santas ghetto

Banksy and a merry band of street artists are setting up their annual Christmas Shoppe, which usually appears on Oxford Street in London, in Bethlehem this year, in a spot surrounded on three sides by a security wall and an armed checkpoint. Why? As the Santa’s Ghetto site explains:

Bethlehem is one of the most contentious places on earth.

Perched at the edge of the Judaen desert at the intersection of Europe, Asia and Africa in the state of Palestine it was governed by the British following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. After World War II the United Nations voted to partition the region into two states – one Jewish, one Arab and there’s been fighting ever since.

It’s obviously not the job of a loose collection of idiot doodlers to tell you what’s right or wrong about this situation, so you’re advised to do further reading yourself (this month’s National Geographic has an excellent article all about Bethlehem).

We would like to make it very clear Santa’s Ghetto is not allied to ANY race, creed, religion, political organization or lobby group. As an organisation the only thing we’ll say on behalf of our artists is that we don’t speak on behalf of our artists. This show simply offers the ink-stained hand of friendship to ordinary people in an extraordinary situation.

Every shekel made in the store will be used on local projects for children and young people. Not one cent will go to any political groups, governmental institutions or, in fact, any grown-ups at all.


The Pirate’s Dilemma named one of Fast Company’s “Smart Books 2008″

Fast Comapny

The book was reviewed in the December issue of Fast Company. They liked it, but they didn’t love it. They took issue with some of the game theory (which to be fair I’ve tightened up a great deal between the galley version they had and the final version of the book) and the accompanying press release that described me as “the Malcolm Gladwell of the iPod generation”. And I don’t blame them. I didn’t write that press release. Malcolm Gladwell is the Malcolm Gladwell of the iPod generation. And if I’m going to be associated with a personal music player, I’d like it to be DRM-free at the very least.

The BBC interview The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay

There’s an interesting interview with some of The Pirate Bay guys up the BBC website. What surprised me was that how little one of them seemed to know about the effects of sharing content. He says, of Hollywood, “I think it’s okay to copy. They get their money from so many places that the sales is just one small part.

“Take the latest Bond movie. What car was it? Oh, it’s a BMW. His phone is a Sony Ericsson. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think they got a load of money for having those products in the movie.”

I would have thought an organization with so much invested in pirating content would know the numbers on it rather than just dogmatically saying “I think or I believe” this to be the case. The truth is film piracy has never been more rampant – earlier this year DVD pirates came out against illegal downloading of movies, saying it was hurting their business. And yet Hollywood just had its first $4bn summer at the box office… But for The Pirate Bay to justify what they do I think they need to have some stronger arguments than this.

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